After abandoning ‘A Fazenda 13’, Medrado explodes: ‘You will disappear’

After abandoning 'A Fazenda 13', Medrado explodes: 'You will disappear'

Fernanda MedradoAfter thinking a lot, They decided to leave the Thirteenth Farm last Thursday (23). despite being Something I’ve Wanted Since “Power Couple”It seemed that the rapper could not stand the pressure of the game. This Saturday (25), I breathed briefly about her situation.

Medrado ditched “A Fazenda 13” last Thursday (23) (Image: TV Record)

“Seeing people I admire call me ‘arijona’ hurts so much. I’ve lost the car, my fees, and I’m going to pay a fine I don’t know how… I start watching things and worse, oh my god,” the rapper wrote in Twitter. “I want to disappear. I feel like crap. God only knows what I went through! I just don’t want to be in that moment!” he continued.

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Later, Medrado confirmed that he would continue to make an official statement. On his decision to leave Farm 13..

It is worth noting that after the departure Medrado From the reality show, the production gathered the pedestrians in the headquarters room and Inform them of the penalties that withdrawal can cause. Participant Fernanda Medrado withdrew from the competition of her own free will. As a result, she no longer receives the fees and prizes she won in the program, including the car, ”reported the message that he read Erica Schneider.

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