María Fernanda Candido unravels herself on stage

María Fernanda Candido unravels herself on stage

María Fernanda Candido plays J.H. in the film based on the work of Clarice Lispector Image: Disclosure

Confronted with the insect, she experiences an existential crisis, but she is also enchanted. The experience reveals the sculptor's loss of identity, as she begins to question everything, including her existence and the social rules surrounding her being a woman. Although released in 1964, Lispector's work remains relevant to this day.

(D) Personality building

To play the role of GH, which many say is about “human sexuality,” the actress didn't go through the process of building the character, but rather deconstructing it. After all, in this search for the essence of life, it was necessary to break away from the social and moral norms, behaviors, and layers and layers of rules that constitute a woman or even a person. The process was, of course, long, but rewarding. The viewer who also wants to deconstruct himself from what is generally expected from a traditional film and immerse himself in the universe created by Luiz Fernando, María Fernanda and the entire film team will be surprised.

Filmed by the same director, who always ran the camera close to the actress, the film displays moments of pure visual poetry (no one has filmed a cockroach so generously), María Fernanda's body, her movements and her face always being so close to the camera and the audience. Her journey through her consciousness, her apartment, and the maid's room is also shared by the audience.

To achieve this simplicity and, at the same time, sophistication, there was a long and mature preparation of both the actress, the team and the director. From the moment when the director presented the book as a gift to María Fernanda, when they were still filming the TV series “Hope” (2002/2003), to the invitation to play the character, which was presented in 2008, until “Action”, in 2018, several years have passed. Years.

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