Afghan refugees to be kicked out of British hotels – ease costs

Afghan refugees to be kicked out of British hotels – ease costs

Summary of news

  • The UK government wants to relocate refugees to cut costs.
  • Families are evicted from hotels and must accept new accommodations or remain homeless.
  • The country received refugees fleeing the Taliban.
  • British minister recognizes duty to help Afghans, but preferences create internal conflicts.

Thousands of Afghan civilians fled the country under Taliban control
Luana Sarmini-Bunacorsi, Daniel de Carteret, Zahra Nabi, Zahra Nabi/AFPTV/AFP/26.12.2022

Around 9,000 Afghan refugees will be evicted from hotels in the UK in the coming weeks. The British government announced this Tuesday (28) that families will be given a 3-month grace period to evict and be supported to resettle.

According to the British portal Daily Mail, refugees must accept the residence they are offered, and anyone who does not want to participate in the movement will be declared homeless.

According to Minister of State Johnny Mercer, staying in hotels is not presented as a final solution, and costs almost R$ 6 million per day, accommodation will disrupt the process of foreigners in the country.

“Prolonged stays in hotels prevent some Afghans from properly rooting, engaging in employment, integrating into communities and rebuilding their lives in the UK for the long term,” he told MPs.

In addition, the minister promised “significant” support to the vulnerable group and said thousands of dollars would be pumped into the new program.

Afghans were welcomed to the UK under the Afghan Relocation and Assistance Policy, created for Afghans working with London in Afghanistan.

Mercer also noted a commitment to honor allies who supported them at personal risk. “The debt we owe them is a debt to our nation as a whole. We must support those we bring to the UK as genuine refugees fleeing persecution,” he added.

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However, other politicians in the House expressed displeasure with Janney’s ideas. “Never mind the minister’s warm words today. He is sending 8,000 Afghans eviction notices, half of them children, with no guarantee that they will be offered adequate and stable accommodation,” said MP John Healy.

Enver Salomon, chief executive of the Refugee Council, added: “We are deeply concerned about many elements of these plans, particularly the risk of leaving people who have fled the Taliban in Afghanistan homeless and stranded on the streets of Britain and Brittany.”

The official said thousands of Afghans have been left in hotels for months as a result of government mismanagement. He underlines the failure to cooperate with local councils and other agencies.

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