According to Oxford University research, eating vegan can mean savings

According to Oxford University research, eating vegan can mean savings
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According to a survey conducted by Oxford University released yesterday (11)In many countries, a vegetarian diet can mean up to a third less expense than a traditional diet, that is, with foods of animal origin.

study highlights It can be much cheaper to be vegan especially in the US, UK, Australia and across Western Europe. The survey compared the cost of seven diets in 150 countries, based on the World Bank’s International Comparison Program food prices.

Researcher Marco Springmann, of the Oxford Martin Program for the Future of Food, says it’s possible to save a lot by eating a plant-based diet, as long as people prioritize what’s really important.

“When scientists like me advocate healthy, green eating, it is often said that we in ivory towers are promoting something that is financially out of reach for most people. This study shows just the opposite. These diets can be better for your bank balance as well as for your health and the planet.”

Make a good vegan diet affordable

Miguel Barclay, author of the bestselling “One Pound Meals” cookbook series, says he’s not surprised by the result. “I definitely agree that not eating meat provides savings. Without a doubt, vegetarian meals are cheaper than those containing meat.”

For Springmann, it is possible to create a scenario where, in the next 10 years, healthy and sustainable diets based on vegetables can be reached everywhere.

“A healthy, sustainable diet is possible anywhere, but it requires political will. Any of the healthy and sustainable dietary patterns we examined are a better option for health, environment, and finance, but there is a need to support progressive food development and policies to make them affordable and desirable everywhere” .

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The study focused on whole foods and did not include alternatives to processed meats or restaurant consumption.

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