Your Nubank limit is worth an upgrade

Your Nubank limit is worth an upgrade

Hey Nubank It has become a favorite among Brazilians because of its innovative and uncomplicated proposal. One of the advantages of the Roxinio card is the possibility of increasing the credit limit, which allows you to make larger purchases and achieve goals with more freedom.

But how can this desired expansion be achieved at the maximum? The answer is simple: ideal behavior. Nubank analyzes each customer's profile to determine the ideal limit, and certain actions can help you demonstrate responsibility and trust, opening the door to a higher limit.

4 Tips to Increase Your Nubank Limit:

1. Use credit wisely:

  • Avoid using the entire available limit. Maintain a gap of at least 30%, which shows you know how to manage credit responsibly.
  • Pay your bill on time, and always before the due date. Delay could hurt your image and hurt your chance of getting a raise.

2. Become a repeat customer:

  • Use the Card Nubank frequently for your everyday purchases, from small payments to large purchases.
  • The more you use the card, the more information Nubank will have about your consumption behaviour, increasing confidence in your ability to pay.

3. Keep your data up to date:

  • Make sure all your Nubank registration information is correct and up to date.
  • This includes income, address, and other data relevant to the credit analysis.

4. Discover Nubank’s services:

  • Use other Nubank products and services, such as checking accounts, investments or insurance.
  • This indicates that you are a committed customer and increases the bank's confidence in its relationship with you.

Additional Tips:

  • Have a good credit history: Avoid falling behind on other bills and maintain a high Serasa Experian score.
  • Do financial planning: Organize your finances and set goals for using your credit card.
  • Negotiate with Nubank: If you think your current limit does not match your consumption profile, contact Nubank and explain your situation.
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By following these simple tips and maintaining a good relationship with Nubank, you will be on the right track to increasing your credit limit and gaining more freedom to pursue your dreams.

Remember: Nubank always cares about its behavior Client He strives to provide the best possible experience. Showing responsibility and confidence is key to achieving the highest limit and making the most of your Purple Card benefits.

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