A year to reshape experiences and empower consumers

A year to reshape experiences and empower consumers

2021 was a challenging year for all of us. With the advancement of vaccination and the decline in hospital overcrowding, we are able to envision a future full of hope, although the new reality still requires our attention and prevention. At Motorola, we have gone through many launches and actions that have strengthened our brand and brought us closer to consumers.

Proof of this is that we have expanded our portfolio of smartphones compatible with 5G, the technology that will be the basis for future connectivity in Brazil.

More than just launching new products, we want to empower people and promote positive changes in society. With this in mind, we created the global “Power to Empower” platform, with real stories from users across the four worlds, who have revealed how technology has empowered them, so they can pursue their passions, amplify their voices and make their dreams come true. The idea was to show how consumers can express themselves through technology.

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Therefore, we launched the statement “Power to Those Who Make It,” which was attended by our ambassadors: duo AnaVitória, influential player Camilota XP and president of the Brazilian Basketball Federation (CBB) and former player Magic Bola. The statement video helped us translate the essence of the company, whose mission is to bring smarter technology to everyone.

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We also have support for content producers in the Find Your Edge campaign, which targets products from the Motorola Edge line. We selected five content creators in Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Poland and the United Kingdom to promote original and inspiring content, according to their motivation, keeping it parallel to the functionality of the devices. In Brazil, we have tropicalized this movement, by inviting ten digital influencers, who have used Motorola edge 20 pro to create their videos on Instagram and TikTok, under the slogan “Discover your advantage”.

To create an experience that transcends visual and auditory, Motorola also launched an exclusive fragrance, and was the first technology company in the world to develop something like this. Blue Touch Tech was applied to the cases of new models, such as moto g100 and moto g30, which were launched simultaneously. The composition of the fragrance consists of a complex mixture of fresh aldehydes, aromatic notes, invigorating spices and marine facets, surrounded by shades of amber, wood and musk.

In addition to empowering our users, Motorola also has a vision to promote diversity and inclusion in its campaigns and in the community. We are the first smartphone maker to include Amazonian native languages ​​on our devices. The languages ​​Kaingang (spoken in the south and southeast) and Nheengatu (found in Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela) are now part of the 80 languages ​​that Android 11 supports on Motorola smartphones.

Because we believe in the transformative potential of the sport, we have created the first realistic player in the sector in Brazil with the support of BBL and other companies that have helped us award five professional players with a six-month contract to represent Flamengo Esports. The Brazilian esports team associated with the traditional soccer team, in League of Legends: Wild Rift, by Riot Games. There were a total of seven episodes aired by TikTok and also on BandSports.

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To wrap up the year with great interest, the g200 5G motorcycle launch campaign had the collaboration of the Valquírias Musical groups, producer Gleba do Pêssego and director duo Vilão who helped us translate the essence of the new product and brand values. It was the first time Motorola had developed an ad film in partnership with groups to launch a smartphone in Brazil, which tells real stories of people using technology to amplify their voices and make their dreams come true. The result was delicate, powerful and real.

Innovation and inclusion are key to Motorola’s DNA. In 2022, we will continue to work to promote these values ​​and bring more true stories to consumers who have found technology a powerful tool to rewrite their narratives and express their passion.

* Article produced by a columnist exclusively for Canaltech. The text may contain opinions and analysis that do not necessarily reflect Canaltech’s views on this matter.

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