A warm party, a rush for selfies and a compliment to the UK immigrants. It’s June 10 in Marcelo, London

A warm party, a rush for selfies and a compliment to the UK immigrants.  It's June 10 in Marcelo, London

Behold, this is the time of Marcelo, received with much applause. Originally some decorations, like Regina Duarte, came from the Camos Institute. Renaissance In the last few days he has paved the way for the creation of the first Anglo-Portuguese school in the United Kingdom.

The speech, which lasted just over 10 minutes, focused on two: the historic alliance between Portugal and the United Kingdom and the appreciation for Portuguese immigrants. “Alliances only last because alliances like yours are being formed every day,” Marcelo recalled of the alliance. He said the Portuguese were the ambassadors of Portugal as “the best of the best” in many areas.

In the United Kingdom, he said, there is a younger Portuguese community scattered around the world. That youth is also noticeable in that room. There are many people in that room, but each 1 person “represented another 400 people”, bringing the total to 400,000 in the UK. This is why “there is no Portuguese family without 1,2,3 family members living abroad”. Marcelo is on the team: “I know from experience what your life is like. I know how it contributes to Portugal’s dignity.

In conclusion, Marcelo said that “those who are convinced that Portugal trusts you” can “trust Portugal”. Due to lack of time, he wanted to meet those Portuguese and said he wanted to leave the script and keep his speech brief because “there are many texts, but personal encounters are rare”. “Cheers” were heard throughout the room, but the president returned to the microphone to maintain order: “To avoid confusion, I will be on stage. So they go from one side to the other so that no one can take a selfie.”

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The crowd reacted with applause, whistles and shouts. The president tried to avoid chaos, but his reputation became even clearer when the endless crowd gathered there, which lasted for hours.

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