A new change on Instagram shocked and surprised Brazilians

A new change on Instagram shocked and surprised Brazilians

the Goal, the American company that runs Instagram, has talked to its users about the new functionality of its platform. It is the silent mode, also called “quiet mode”, whose main purpose is to help in time management and in the concentration of those who use its gadget.

This way, users will be able to perform other activities without invoking the application, notifying of any new message. When the function is turned on, the person will not receive any kind of notification from the platform. It is a great choice for professionals and students who need silence.

In addition, for users who have sent a message, they should automatically receive a notification that the person will not receive an acknowledgment of receipt, that is, your notification. So, just activate silent mode in Instagram to be able to study, drive, or any other activity that requires fewer distractions.

After activating the function, the user’s status will be changed, letting his friends know that he cannot be contacted at the moment. The function will also allow to define tables. In this way, it will be possible to choose a specific period of the day to avoid distractions and focus efficiently on your activity.

silent mode

However, after deactivating the silent mode, the user of the app should receive a notification from Instagram containing a summary of all the missed activities. According to Meta, younger users and students can also activate the tool late at night.

Users who wish to send a message to someone in silent mode will automatically receive a notification from Instagram informing them that the recipient of the message is using the new functionality and will not be able to respond to the request. In this way, silent mode helps avoid distractions.

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As of now, silent mode for Instagram is available in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. According to Meta, the functionality is expected to be available in other countries soon, including Brazil. Users are waiting in anticipation.

Instagram news for 2023

This year Instagram should bring great news to its users. Among the trends we can highlight the use of video applications, even the monetization of the social network. In addition, it will be possible to support social causes and promote businesses, hobbies and messages in the metaverse.

Initially, the changes in the social network are aimed at increasing people’s engagement on Instagram, as well as increasing sales, achieving a great result for companies that have a profile on the platform. In fact, the Meta social network is one of the largest and most important social networks in the world.

It is currently imperative that organizations that want to gain more customers on the platform know how to act on Instagram. For them to do well, it’s important to invest in digital marketing and understand how the social network really works. Knowing new trends is important.

One of the most commented on features is Notes, where more conversations can be created between followers. Instagram has also come up with more ways to recover user accounts. It’s a great option for anyone who has forgotten their password, login issues, or even accounts hacked by hackers.

Other changes

There is also a forecast for a rework of the platform’s navigation screen, expected for February 2023. There will be an icon on the homepage to create new posts. Users also expect stories that are licensed and allow you to share your activities in real time.

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New poster function, “Your Turn” is in the testing phase. They become such a hit that it allows users to create a kind of series. Meta states that they are developing a tool that will allow people to invite their friends and join the chain.

Another long-awaited change is that Instagram allows its users to create groups of profiles. Likewise, this space will allow the exchange of messages and the sharing of contents with friends on the same profile. Meta is also creating a tool that allows friends to create a group together.

In conclusion, Instagram has around 1.2 billion users worldwide. In Brazil alone, there are about 95 million profiles. The platform has always undergone updates, providing everyone with various news. Silent mode is another tool that can help students and professionals alike.

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