A commercial plane diverted to transport the Prime Minister after an official plane crash world

A commercial plane diverted to transport the Prime Minister after an official plane crash  world

New Zealand Prime Minister Christopher Luxon. -Photo: Mark Baker/AP

An Air New Zealand commercial flight had to be diverted for an unusual reason: Search for a prime minister New ZealandChristopher LuxonAfter the Air Force plane he was on board broke down while parked.

The case, which occurred on Monday (17), sparked a wave of jokes on social media and government concerns about the armed forces' fleet of aircraft, some of which have been active for more than 30 years. (Read more below).

Luxon was on a flight to Japan when he stopped to refuel in Papua New Guinea when the plane he was traveling in discovered a malfunction. The plane, a Boeing 757 belonging to the Royal New Zealand Air Force, was suffering from an electrical circuit problem. Technicians attempted to repair it on site, but the malfunction occurred again, New Zealand media reported and the Prime Minister's Office confirmed.

In addition to Luxon, the plane was also carrying a delegation of businessmen and journalists from the country. The group was stranded in Port Moresby. However, one of the businessmen on board was the head of Air New Zealand, who had ordered a commercial flight from his company to transport the Prime Minister.

The flight, which was heading from New Zealand to Tokyo, received directions while it was already in the air.

Passengers had to wait for another two hours to reach their destination.

The New Zealand Air Force's two Boeing 757s have been in service for more than 30 years.

The New Zealand Defense Force combats outdated equipment and maintains sufficient personnel. The government has said it wants to spend more on defense but is also trying to cut spending as the country faces economic difficulties.

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