Do you want to work happily? 10 professions that bring happiness to those who choose them

Do you want to work happily?  10 professions that bring happiness to those who choose them

Select a survey Professions Which provides greater happiness to its professionals, taking into account reduced stress and opportunities for physical movement and meaning at work. If you're looking for professions that guarantee more happiness, check out the top 10 professions, according to the research.

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The survey was conducted in the United States. Therefore, what works there may not be the reality in Brazil. Despite this, the result gives some interesting indicators that can help you in making your decision, especially if you have not yet decided what career you want to pursue.

Professions that guarantee more happiness!

Happiness at work depends on several factors. For many years, the main idea of ​​“do what you love” has collapsed, because this alone is not enough. To be happy in a career, you need to feel appreciated, have a positive work environment, a good salary, a balance between personal and professional life, and many other factors that can increase the chances of happiness.

However, according to research, the 10 professions that guarantee the greatest amount of happiness are:

  1. Speech therapists: High satisfaction due to the positive impact on patients' lives and flexible appointments.
  2. Graphic designers: They feel happy because of their daily creativity and independence at work.
  3. Dentists: They find happiness in balancing professional and personal lives, as well as in allowing people to smile with more confidence.
  4. Real estate brokers: They can manage their schedules and help people find the home of their dreams, which is the greatest accomplishment in many people's lives.
  5. Software developers: They love independence, creativity and constant modernization of the area.
  6. Nurses: Fulfillment lies in the ability to help people and make a difference in the world.
  7. HR managers: They are happy to help people develop professionally.
  8. Physiotherapists: The possibility of helping to rehabilitate people is a source of great satisfaction.
  9. firemen: Saving lives is the ultimate joy for professionals.
  10. Assistant doctors: The salary, as well as the opportunity to help people and make a difference in their lives can be a source of great satisfaction.
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