A British study says that protection from vaccines against Covid decreases after 6 months


LONDON (Reuters) – The protection against COVID-19 offered by two doses of the Pfizer/Bioantek and Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccines begins to wear off within six months, underscoring the need for booster doses, researchers in the United Kingdom said.

The British ZOE Covid study indicated that in the case of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, efficacy drops a month after the second dose, which is 88%, to 74% after five to six months. For AstraZeneca’s fortifying agent, its effectiveness decreased from 77% after one month to 67% after four or five months.

The study was based on data from more than one million users of the app, comparing self-reported infections in vaccinated participants with cases in the unvaccinated control group.

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