6 trees famous for acting in Game of Thrones will be cut down in England | Interests

6 trees famous for acting in Game of Thrones will be cut down in England |  Interests

The trees lining the HBO series ‘King’s Road’ are in poor condition and will be cut down HBO / Reproduction

A beautiful place in Northern Ireland made famous by a series of six trees game of thronesCut down due to risk of falling.

oh The Dark Hedges, a beech tree tunnel near Armoy in County Antrim has become a popular tourist attraction after appearing in the world-famous HBO series. In the plan, the location is marked King’s Road (King’s Highway), the road connecting the Wall to the capital of the kingdom of Westeros.

The road was built in 1795 – Photo: Colin Park / Wikimedia Commons / Creative Commons

However, a recent report found that most of the trees are in poor condition. The area’s infrastructure department will begin removing six beech trees and replanting four on Nov. 20.

Beech trees were planted along Precock Road, which was built in 1775. Originally there were about 150 trees, but only 86 remain. Many plants are considered mature, meaning branch breaks are common. Many places have been overturned by strong winds during storms in recent years.

The Dark Hedges used as a filming location in HBO’s Game of Thrones marking the Kings Road – Photo: Angry Young Man / Wikimedia Commons / Creative Commons

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