6 ‘Secret’ Functions Coming To Your iPhone You Should Know | Operating systems

6 'Secret' Functions Coming To Your iPhone You Should Know |  Operating systems

a iOS 16OS update IphoneIt was Recently announced in WWDC 22, but not all of the revealed features got the attention they deserve. New process commands for crab An unprecedented fitness app, for example, should arrive with the update, but it ended up being overshadowed by the introduction of new lock screen customization options and improvements to the notification system. Next, find out more unreported features that will arrive with the upgrade to iOS Which may be useful to users Iphone.

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1. Blur the “home screen”, not just the lock screen

The changes made to the lock screen are one of the most important innovations in iOS 16, as it will provide more customization for smartphones. Among the new capabilities of the tool is background blur, which can be activated using the “Blur readability” option. However, the novelty is not exclusive to lock screen: It can also be activated from the home screen, which will create a depth effect and ensure greater visibility of applications, folders and widgets.

two. iOS 16 Duplicate contacts can be detected

To avoid cluttering your contact lists, iOS 16 It will now send alerts about duplicates in the phonebook – i.e. phone numbers saved more than once – either by mistake or by switch chip, for example. The system will provide the user with the option to delete these contacts, which was not the case in previous versions and avoid confusion and disorganization in the stored contacts.

3. Lock gallery albums

Recently deleted photo albums or photos from Iphone It will be more protected from prying eyes with iOS 16Since now An apple Provides more security for files. With the update, it will be possible to protect them using Face ID, Touch ID or a password, ensuring that only the owner can access them.

In previous versions of the system, it was already possible to hide most of the private albums in the gallery. However, anyone using the device was still able to view the images. The new update ensures an extra layer of protection without the user having to resort to other applications.

New gallery options promise to make access safer and more private – Photo: Reproduction / WWDC 22

4. Cut off voice calls via crab

5. iOS It will ask permission to “copy and paste” from one app to another

The update will bring another security feature for users: asking permission to copy and paste content from one app to another. Previously, only a popup was shown with a warning about exchanging information, but the new update will now require permission to access the clipboard before pasting text, images, and the like between apps.

The new feature provides more security when using the smartphone, as it prevents the owner from accessing his data without permission from the apps.

6. Disable the volume button as the end of the call.

The option to use the side volume button to end a call is very practical and can come in handy in many situations, but there are those who complain about pressing it accidentally. Therefore, the file . is updated iOS 16 You will now have the option to disable this function in the phone settings. This new procedure should avoid the inconveniences that may arise when important calls are accidentally terminated, for example.

The volume button can end calls — but with iOS 16, it can only be done with permission — Image: TechTudo

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