Goodbye, password! Google is adopting a new default authentication method

Goodbye, password!  Google is adopting a new default authentication method

Google took another step towards removing passwords this Tuesday (10). The company announced that it will make access keys the new default authentication method for all accounts.

“Passkeys are a simple and secure way to sign in to your Google account without needing a password,” the company says.

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What are the changes

  • The next time you sign in to your Google Account, you’ll see a prompt to create and use access keys.
  • Even with the access key activated, Passwords can still be used normally.
  • According to Google product managers Christian Brand and Sriram Kara, the method is more secure and will “simplify logins in the future.”
  • The information is from TechCrunch.

Viewed as the “beginning of the end” for passwords, access keys are less vulnerable to cyber attacks and also save the user the worry of creating difficult combinations that could be forgotten or leaked online.

How do access keys work?

  • The technology uses a securely generated code to authenticate your access to websites and apps.
  • It is made up of two encryption keys: one located on the app or website server (in this case, Google).
  • The other is stored on your personal device, allowing you to prove that you are the rightful owner of the account.
  • This approach makes it almost impossible for hackers to access the account remotely. Even if the server is hacked.
  • To do this, it is necessary to have physical access to the user’s device.

Main advantages

  • The user does not need to remember a series of letters, numbers and characters.
  • There is also support for logging into accounts using fingerprint or facial recognition technology.
  • Access keys can be used on different systems, browsers, websites, and applications.
  • Access keys are strong enough that they can never be guessed or reused, protecting against hacking.
  • Access keys are tied to the application or website for which they were created. This prevents the user from logging into fraudulent services by mistake.
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Google and access keys

Google was one of the first companies to support the use of passkeys in May 2022, when it announced its support on Android and the Chrome browser. Password-free technology has also been added as an authentication method for Google accounts.

The company claims that since its launch, 64% of users said they find the method easier to use compared to passwords and two-step verification. The search giant says it will continue to encourage the use of passkeys as a primary login option.

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