Finals is released for free on the PS Store

Finals is released for free on the PS Store

Unexpectedly, Embark Studios has made Finals available for free on the PS Store. The first-person shooter features fierce conflicts in multiplayer matches where players are free to choose how to deal with their enemies.

Teams are divided into up to three players who fight against each other until one team remains. Matches support up to 48 players and the map is medium-sized and large enough to accommodate the number.

Beta for the finals records good numbers

According to data released by the studio, the BETA period for the finals gathered around 7.5 million players. In a post on social media, the team responsible for the game celebrated this achievement and raised good expectations for those who did not know what to expect from the title.

Embark Studio is mostly made up of former Battlefield developers, which means there’s a lot of experience in FPS franchises. According to the previews, the pace of the finals is quite frenetic, so fans of games like Overwatch can enjoy the premise. In “Extraction” mode, for example, you must earn as much money as possible and survive with it while defending your base from the opposing team.

So, will you be testing the new title?

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