3 Ways to Hide and Write Online Status in WhatsApp

Alternatives are recommended for those who want to be “invisible” on the platform without having to block a contact.

many users The WhatsApp Look for more privacy when using the app. This is because the indicatorsOnline“e”Writing‘Indicates that the user is on the platform, when in fact he does not want to be seen.

To prevent others from knowing that you are browsing WhatsApp, the simplest method, but one that can cause discomfort, is block a contact. In this case, access to your activities is no longer visible to the other, as well as the profile picture.

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However, blocking is often not the best alternative. Other options can solve this problem and create more privacy when entering the platform. Check out the suggestions below:

  • Activation in WhatsApp notifications: This way, once you receive a message from a contact, you can also read some of the content received without having to access the app. The downside to this procedure is that only part of the message is provided.
  • Applications and add-ons: Some browser tools and apps can help you hide your “typing” status, for example. In this case, it is recommended to find a secure extension to avoid the hacker attack incident.
  • Use Airplane Mode: When you activate Airplane mode or cell phone, the Internet connection is immediately cut off. This way, all you have to do is enter WhatsApp, read the message, write the reply, and exit the app. Once this is done, reactivate the connection. This way, no one will know that you are online or that you wrote a message.

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