20km queue: Delay paralyzes trucks at US-Mexico border; See pictures | world

20km queue: Delay paralyzes trucks at US-Mexico border;  See pictures |  world

With a large number of migrants, border agents take a long time to process truck traffic

Trucks trying to enter the United States from Mexico were lined up for kilometers on Wednesday (4). Local media said there were 20 kilometers of trucks lined up.

A logistics group reported that the value of the stopped goods exceeded 1.5 billion US dollars (7.8 billion Brazilian reals).

The line is the result of delays at US customs. There are record numbers of migrants at the border.

The American authorities closed the crossings and imposed additional security checks.

At some border points, the processing of goods has been temporarily suspended to allow customs officials to help process migrants arriving outside official crossings.

In a statement, Kankar Auto Transport Group expressed “deep concern” about inspections in Texas of trucks crossing the border from Mexico, which are said to prevent more than $1.5 billion worth of goods from entering the United States.

“This measure generated a crisis that led to closures, diversions, longer transit times and significant reductions in the volume of exports of various products from Mexico to the United States,” Kanakar said.

The group’s statement came a day after the Chihuahua state government announced that the costs of the sharp decline in cargo trucks heading to the United States amounted to about $1 billion in about two weeks.

Some U.S.-bound freight trains were also disrupted when a major Mexican freight train operator temporarily suspended operations after migrants died or were injured while jumping on trains.

These measures prompted the Mexican Foreign Ministry to ask the US authorities not to take “unilateral measures” that would further complicate trade.

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