Water reaches William Bonner's feet in the middle of the Jornal Nacional TV news

Water reaches William Bonner's feet in the middle of the Jornal Nacional TV news

William Bonner said on Monday night (13) that he was surprised to see the water level reaching his feet in the middle of Jornal Nacional. The presenter was told that this was not a sign that the level of Lake Guayba in Porto Alegre would rise again. He explained: “There were two jet skis that passed by us.”

Globo Channel's main news program showed a police boat passing through a flooded street in the center of the capital of Rio Grande do Sul. He said: “These scenes were recorded a few minutes ago, with the police entering the street to my right. This work does not stop.”

According to Bonner, he was surprised when he realized that the water level appeared to have risen quickly:

I just looked down and saw there was water on my feet, but that's what happened. [aumento no nível do Guaiba]. It is not the lake that rose. Two police jet bikes passed by because this business is going on here all the time. Then it ripples and gets here.

The journalist stated that he shared the story to show the hard work being done by the authorities in the city. He concluded by saying: “These people never stop, they are all the time looking for people here in the center of Porto Alegre, which is under water.”

Bonner in Porto Alegre

Bonner was accompanied by dozens of professionals. During this week, Globo's leadership moved from Rio to the capital, Rio Grande do Sul. Ricardo Villella, the press director, and the main reporters, editors and producers are there.

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Anchor JN's black shirt was also something that was considered. Globo recommends that broadcasters and presenters dress casually when leaving the studio to report tragedies. Women should avoid heavy makeup, as Patricia Boeta did at the head of the meeting.

The use of a basic costume, without any ostentation, is intended to convey sympathy to the audience, and to show that the broadcaster is supportive of all the suffering he is recording.

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