Zuckerberg and his moral grave (watch the video)

Zuckerberg and his moral grave (watch the video)

Friends, as it is already known here in Brazil, censorship is one of the tools that the regime wants to implement to control the people and power.

This is also felt in different parts of the world where freedom for the same goals is being hindered.

In Portugal, it is no different and we need to monitor events closely and if that is the case, as I believe, we must respond accordingly.

The complaint, on video, is filed by the MP, leader of the Portuguese Assembly and national president of CHEGA, André Ventura, a party that is growing rapidly in that country.

The party's oversight measures came from one of the biggest vermin working to muzzle those who do not agree with the ideals of the left, cursed by the way: Mark Zuckerberg.

Using Facebook, an arm of the Meta group, certainly allied with its partners, decided to open the confrontation that Elon Musk waged with Brazil, led by Alexandre de Moraes. To do this, he chose a party of great importance in Europe to confront the clash between freedom (Musk) and censorship (Morais) taking place in Brazil. It is trying to undermine what is already known to the whole world: censorship in Brazil and the excesses of the Brazilian court.

Poor Zuckerberg! He has been monitoring CHEGA for 10 years, and contrary to what people think, the plan is going to backfire. I am convinced that your position will bring the ideals of freedom to Portuguese and European society in an even more overwhelming way.

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You will be welcomed, by people, also by Elon Musk's Twitter.

You've stirred up a hornet's nest, Zuckerberg. Ventura is one of the titans fighting for freedom in Europe. No wonder a team of warriors is being formed around the world, and you just made him the core member of this team.

Read my article covering the topic – https://jornaldacidadeonline.com.br/noticias/57518/o-mundo-esta-formando-um-time-para-ganhar-o-campe…

Zuckerberg, you have expanded the moral grave in which you live.

watching video:

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