Zilo Godoy sends an indirect message to Zizi de Camargo in the form of his three sons after a strong accusation against Graciel Lacerda

Zilo Godoy sends an indirect message to Zizi de Camargo in the form of his three sons after a strong accusation against Graciel Lacerda

Zilo Godoy published a photo with her children and sent an indirect message to her ex-husband, Zizi de Camargo, after a strong controversy involving Graciel Lacerda and Amabelle, Igor Camargo’s wife.

Photo: Reproduction, Instagram/@zilucamargooficial / Purepeople

Controversies concerning the Camargo family Gained a new chapter after finding out Graciele Lacerda, Zezé Di Camargo’s fiancée, created a fake social media account. With this “second account”, the influencer had attacked Amabelle, the fiancée of Igor Camargo, the youngest son of the singer and composer. now, Zilo GodoyEgor’s mother, Camilla that it Vanessa She shared a photo of the three of them and in a text message sent an indirect message to her ex-husband.

It doesn’t hurt to remember that Zizi was going to convince his singer daughter to give up seeking justice against GracielliWhich caused great discomfort to the youngest member of the family, Igor. “A father or mother’s love is unconditional and transcends any other relationship. It is a love that exists at all times, in good times and in bad, and remains throughout life,” Zilo captioned the photo taken at the exhibition. Camila’s wedding to director Leonardo Lissa in September 2018.

“It is love that transcends any obstacle or difficulty, and is always there to support, guide and love,” Zilo added. Wanessa, the former couple’s eldest daughter, paid tribute to her mother in an Instagram comment. Dado Dolabella’s friend wrote: “Our queen! I love you.” “I love you so much, my love! Our greatest muse, our queen,” he stressed. Camilla, whose brother spoke out about the new controversy.

The former supports Zilu Goddoi after the new and indirect controversy of Zezé: “Unconditional love for children”

Zilo Re…

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