Zé Felipe and Kevinho were having an affair at a party in Virginia

Zé Felipe and Kevinho were having an affair at a party in Virginia

Virginia Fonseca’s folk party was the talk on Friday morning (17). many Famous The influencers were on site to attend the launch of one of the biggest influencers today. But the celebrations did not stop there. The wreath would have yielded an afterthought, which was attended by Kevinio, a close friend of Zee Philippe.

Some time ago, columnist Erlan Bastos gave an exclusive idea that the two would have more than just friendship. According to the journalist, the singers will have an affair, which, according to Instagram Galo Intruso, is not over yet. Even as Gabriella Versini and her son and married YouTuber Leonardo are dating, the two still meet, according to their Instagram profile.

“Oh, if I told you that after-party Virginia was something to talk about! Even more than these two [Kevinho e Zé Felipe] who have a very strong friendship”Instagram gossip, said in one of the stories. It seemed that after the event, they were going to get together and live a “flashback” when no one was watching.

Also according to Instagram, Kevinho and Zé had left the track for a moment alone. “Beyond the same was after the show, before everyone left … after that between my beloved and Minister Philippe just a kiss and ***** to kill a Missing! Then they are back on the track! Pretty full, isn’t it? gave a quickie“, Shot.

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In March of this year, Virginia and Zee Phillip civilly married. The ceremony was more intimate, it had only family members and people close to the spouses. At the time, by chance, the “Olha a Explosão” singer quarreled with his girlfriend, Gabriela Verciani, according to Erlan..

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Signs that the fight really took place is that both of them stopped following each other on Instagram. Not to mention that they provided photos of the couple in their profiles. However, it wasn’t long before he followed her back and unlocked their photos from the archive. But Gabe took some time to get back to normal with posts and follow up on Kevin.

Nobody knows Kevinio went to friend’s wedding, but according to Erlan, the answer is no. To complete, the following month, termination rumors between the singer and Gabriella were so strong, that he needed to open up the game to fans and reveal what his relationship with the model was like.

I will tell you! Extra, extra! You don’t really have to go back, because I’m not done. We are not finished. “We took a break,” he said on April 8. Amidst the rumors, he released a song titled Video with Zee Philippe. Song “Sit With Love”on platforms at the beginning of the month.

Kevin and Zee Felipe were having an affair (Image: Reproduction/Instagram)

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