Yudi Tamashiro praises Michel Bolsonaro for supporting Bolsonaro

Yudi Tamashiro praises Michel Bolsonaro for supporting Bolsonaro

Actor Yudi Tamashiro, 30, has suffered attacks from haters and lost followers after he announced his vote for the presidential candidate. Jair Bolsonaro (PL) to follow “Christian values”. Facing the fallout, First Lady Michele Bolsonaro, 40, praised her “courage and strength” for supporting her husband in the 2022 election.

In an Instagram post, the artist, best known for being the presenter of the extinct show “Bom Dia & Companhia” (SBT), shared a video saying he didn’t set himself up for the current president to gain likes or the media.

This video is loud and you have been criticizing me since yesterday, and you have been texting me since I posted the video and saying that I did it to attract attention, and to gain followers, that I did it because of the media. You did not understand anything. Yesterday I had 4 million followers, today I have 3 million and 900 and it just didn’t stop falling anymore, I knew this was going to happen, but something was bothering me because I know my values ​​and I know what I believe in. I know who put me here. I know how to recognize my life without Christ and in Christ, with Christ’s values ​​and without Christ’s values ​​entirely.
Yudi Tamashiro

“I stop and think that our lives really imitate social networks and social networks imitate ours. Five years ago, when I said ‘I am an evangelist’, I live it and I don’t believe it. Many friends distanced themselves, after receiving invitations many things changed, but it was practical. And the most wonderful. What is in all of this is that when you serve Christ, things happen and pay off well,” he added.

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After the recording, Yudi Tamashiro indicated that one of the attacks received is from his memories Your father died of COVID-19 – The main point of criticism of the Bolsonaro government for its delay in purchasing vaccines.

This is cheese. I don’t need to remember that my father died of coronavirus. I remember every day, but I also remember that there were great doctors who took care of my father … I took one of the doctors to my father and she said to me: “Yodi, we don’t know what to do. Father’s condition is just a miracle.” I believe in miracles and the will of God. If God wills it this way, you are not the one to decide what is right for me.
Yudi Tamashiro

In the final part of the video, he directs followers to the main issue related to Jair Bolsonaro’s support for his “Christian values”. He still makes it clear that Lola doesn’t buy his voice by talking about “pecanas and beer” in his speeches.

“You cannot forget your values ​​in Christ. I know my family before Christ and after Christ and the pecana and beer speech will not buy my values. Remember, it is not about Bolsonaro, it is about the church and what I believe in,” he concluded, “Don’t hesitate if you want to stop following me, but I will continue to Walk with the certainty of who I am and where I want to go. I want to serve the Lord.”

In the comments to the angry post, artists such as Karina Bacchi, Alessandra Schatina, Evo Meirelles, Patricia Abravanel and others left a message praising the position of Yudi Tamashiro.

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First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro retweeted Yudi Tamashiro’s video on her Instagram profile with a Bible verse and some praise for supporting Jair Bolsonaro.

Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. “Matthew 5:10 Be strong and courageous, my brother in Christ,” I wrote in the mailing address.
Michel Bolsonaro

The singer also interacted with the first lady in the field of answering. “We are together on this mission,” he wrote. In addition, the repercussions made the number of followers of the artist exceed, once again, the home of 4 million fans.

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