Andrea Saadi opens up about the intimate relationship with Andre Rizk and tells the secrets of the couple

Andrea Saadi opens up about the intimate relationship with Andre Rizk and tells the secrets of the couple

Journalist Andrea Sadie, 34, and her husband, Andre Rezek, 46, parents of twins Joao and Pedro, opened up about their intimate relationship with Fernanda Catania, Fochina and Andre Brandt, on the podcast Donos da Razao. There, the couple told how they met, the daily fights, the arrival of their children and the epidemic.

“We don’t fight. There are discussions in everyday life. We got married a month before the outbreak of the epidemic. I spent my entire pregnancy isolated, so Andrei became my safe haven, my support network, my boyfriend, my friend… This is good, but it has a downside: I have It also became a punching bag (laughs). We journalists don’t stop. We work three times. I left my apartment in Sao Paulo, after 9 years in Brasilia, and came to live in André’s house in Rio. With the bag I brought, I spent a year. It had two colors / Three colors of the same shirt,” Saadi recalls.

“My house was really single, it didn’t even have a mirror, just a beard. When she wanted to get ready, she called the elevator (laughs),” Rizk said.

Fuquinha and Andrei wanted to know what journalists like to do when they have free time:

“When we have a watch, which is difficult, we watch a Movie And what does he want to see? “Monstros SA..he’s addicted to drawing,” revealed Andrea, who continued:

“Me, watching crazy cooking shows.”

“She does not cook, does not eat sweets, but likes to see the reactions of people when they are eliminated,” Andrei said with a laugh.

When it comes to haters, the sports journalist said he insists on responding, but his wife prefers withholding:

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“I have a lot of hate and a hobby of reading insults to me, I like to respond to them and make fun of me (laughs). If a man insults me, I laugh, but for a woman it does not take much more. It is different. How men and women deal with attacks, ”the caller explained.

“I don’t respond. It annoys me. You have to be open to criticism, but aggression is another thing. If a guy corrects me, I answer because I’m prone to error, but if he’s rude I block him,” said the policy specialist.

To everyone’s surprise, Andrea and Andre met, no more and no less from the house of Caetano Veloso. After that, their first public appearance together was at a concert by Gilberto Gil:

“Our first New Year’s Eve together, we went to Niteroi, because Jill invited her to see the comeback show. We didn’t post any pictures, nothing, but she was on stage. She, the oldest girl, is in decolletage…kissing and enjoying the show they were filming and putting on.” On GloboNews. The camera caught Jill in the foreground and we were kissing. The next day, we were on several sites. That day was fun (laughs)”, she joked.

“I got mad at myself but I didn’t mean (laughs). Well, be patient! Now we’re here with the twins,” Saadi added, laughing.

On the twins’ arrival, Andre Rizk was direct:

“Life just got so much better.”

Finally, Andrea El Saadi ensured that she and her husband would never separate: “We will never part.”

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