‘Your security code has changed’ on WhatsApp: Find out what the warning means | social networks

'Your security code has changed' on WhatsApp: Find out what the warning means |  social networks

The message “Your Security Code has changed” is a notification issued by The WhatsApp When a participant in a conversation reinstalls Application of messages in Android Nor Iphone (iOS) or when the Messenger account is registered on a new device. The alert warns users that the code responsible for warranty End-to-end encryption In calls and messages has changed.

The warning, however, It may be showing a lot in recent days Even if the contact has not reinstalled the application or changed their cell phone. This is an unintended consequence of implementing the multi-device feature, which allows you to access the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices even when your smartphone is disconnected.

Warning may increase security code changes; See what the message means – Photo: Marcela Franco/TechTudo

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According to WhatsApp Nitin Gupta Head of Engineering, the verification code change occurs when using multiple devices functionality because each device has its own identity key. However, WhatsApp has developed automatic device verification to silence notifications of security code changes, so the alerts should stop soon when you access WhatsApp Web on a different device.

“Our future change will only send security code notifications when a user re-registers their account, as they did before,” Nitin Gupta said on Twitter.

What is the security code on WhatsApp?

Every conversation with your WhatsApp contacts contains a unique security code. This key ensures that calls and messages exchanged in the conversation are protected by end-to-end encryption. The symbol in question is located in the contact data, in the “Encryption” column.

The information is represented by a QR Code Or with a 60-digit code. Data can be shared between contacts to confirm that the conversation is encrypted. The security token is not the key itself, but rather a visible copy of a private key shared between users exchanging messages.

Security token confirms end-to-end conversation encryption – Image: Reproduction / Marcela Franco

For those who prefer not to be disturbed by the notification, it is possible to manually disable the WhatsApp security warning. To do this, on the main page of Messenger, click on the three vertical dots at the top of the screen. Then go to “Settings” and then click on “Security”. Once this is done, disable the “Show security notifications” option.

It is possible to disable security notifications – Photo: Reproduction / Marcela Franco

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