Young Rodrigo Zebra is already offering cards in karting in the UK

Young Rodrigo Zebra is already offering cards in karting in the UK

MyOn May 2 and 3, Rodrigo Zebra shone in the first race of the British Championship at the LGM Championships, with a point on PF International’s iconic track. Competed by 48 cadet pilots, all of his opponents were British nationals, Rodrigo finished second in the fifth and third in the qualifying heats, thus 36 participants directly to the “final A” in the tenth place in the opening round.

Despite the weather conditions felt over the weekend, the Mia Driver struggled to be considered the most difficult and technical route in the United Kingdom. When he made his debut on the British tracks, Rodrigo Zebra was able to finish the final fight in a successful sixth. The young Portuguese driver’s nail was remarkable and delighted everyone with the performance featured in his excellent debut. Zebra, part of the British team Oliver Roland Motorsport, returned to Portugal with great interest in the following races.

“I’m so glad I ended up with the front crew, more experienced, and more able to get used to this type of aggressive driving. The road is very difficult, very technical! I want to win the grip. Thank you to my team and my supporters for giving me all the conditions to continue racing outside my country, ”said the pilot, only 10 years old.

The focus now will be on maintaining good momentum to improve the results and programs for the next British and European Championship events. The next race is the second round of the European IME Euro Series Championship to be held from 20 to 23 May at the International Karting Circuit in Juarez.

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