You will want to visit them all!

You will want to visit them all!

Travel Not only do you get to explore new places, but you also experience a warm welcome from different cultures. Language learning platform Preply has conducted extensive research to highlight not only the least friendly cities, but also those that delight tourists with their friendliness and hospitality.

Let's start this journey and discover the 5 friendliest cities in the world according to visitors' opinions.

Acceptance Index: Criteria analyzed by Preply

Before revealing the love gems, it's important to understand how Preply rates these destinations. a seek Six basic criteria were considered, going beyond interaction with tourists.

The rate of return visitors, friendly stay, respect for the community, acceptance of diversity, happiness levels and ease of communication have all been carefully analysed.

These factors provide a comprehensive view of the visitor experience, including engagement with diversity, with a particular focus on LGBTQIA+ audiences.

Top 5 friendliest cities in the world

  1. toronto | Canada

    Toronto is not only famous for its stunning scenery, but also for its hospitality, and has ranked first in the world rankings. Its friendly residents and welcoming atmosphere make it an unforgettable destination for any visitor.

  2. Sydney | Australia

    The city of stunning beaches is not far behind when it comes to hospitality. Sydney not only offers exceptional natural beauty, but also a warm welcome that makes tourists feel at home.

  3. Edinburgh | United kingdom

    The Scottish capital is not only rich in history and stunning architecture, but it is also known for its hospitable community. Edinburgh offers a friendly atmosphere that captivates all who visit it.

  4. Manchester | United kingdom

    Manchester is a vibrant city not only distinguished by its cultural and sporting scene, but also by the friendliness of its people. Tourists often praise the warm hospitality they find in this British city.

  5. New York | United States of America

    “The city that never sleeps” is the five friendliest cities. In addition to its cultural diversity and famous tourist attractions, New York welcomes tourists with open arms, providing an enriching experience for everyone who visits.

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These cities are not just tourist destinations; They are true homes away from home, where kindness is an integral part of the experience. If you're planning your next adventure, consider adding these destinations to your list to experience the true meaning of adventure hospitality worldwide.

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