The United Nations says that expelling Ecuador from the organization depends on member states – Jovem Ban

The United Nations says that expelling Ecuador from the organization depends on member states – Jovem Ban

António Guterres laments the current state of humanity during a speech at the United Nations

Secretary General L United Nations (United Nations), António GuterresIt was mentioned this Thursday (11) that the possibility of expulsion from Ecuador The organization of the organisation, like all matters relating to membership, will depend on the member states. Hey Mexico On Thursday, it requested the country's membership suspension due to the invasion of its embassy in Quito to capture former Ecuadorian Vice President Jorge Glas. The Mexicans filed a complaint against the Ecuadorians with the International Court of Justice. Guterres, through his spokesman Stephane Dujarric, tried to downplay the importance of the conflict between Ecuador and Mexico, saying that he hopes “the tensions between the two countries will be addressed through dialogue.” He added that the United Nations expressed its “condemnation of the blatant violations of international law that were seen when the (Mexican) embassy in Quito was attacked last Friday.”


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In the filed complaint, “Mexico demands that Ecuador be suspended as a member of the United Nations until the country issues a public apology, in which it acknowledges violations of the basic principles and rules of international law,” Mexico’s foreign minister said. Alicia Barcena. Ecuador is not only a full member of the United Nations, but at this very moment it has a seat on the Security Council, within the quota of Latin American and Caribbean countries, a position it has held since June 2022.

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*With information from AFP and EFE

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