XP founders, Ambev, iFood say what’s holding back Brazil’s growth

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Brazilian ultra-high net worth billionaire entrepreneurs, Guilherme Benchimol (founder of XP), Beto Sicupira (founder of Ambev and 3G Capital), Fabricio Bloisi (CEO of iFood) and Pedro Franceschini (CEO of Brex) said education is one of the big problems. Which delay Brazil for other countries.

During the participation in ExpertXP, on Wednesday (3/8), entrepreneurs gave their opinions on what is holding back the country’s growth and what to expect in the future. Benchimol said that entrepreneurship increases employment and transforms the Brazilian economy.

“Brazil has 23 million entrepreneurs who employ 50 million Brazilians. Brazil’s GDP is R$9 trillion, of which R$3.5 trillion is tax paid by entrepreneurs or their employees. If we had 30 million entrepreneurs, there would have been more jobs. “I believe in this course, which will be faster with better education,” said Benchimol.

The founder and former CEO of XP also criticized what he called the “small road culture”: “I don’t know a company or a country that doesn’t have a strong culture that unites everyone. We have a lot of ills, but we can’t be victims either. We need to instill in people’s minds that we are excellent.”

The fifth richest Brazilian, according to Forbes magazine, Beto Sécobera said that Brazil does not have equal opportunities for everyone. “The ability to take advantage of opportunities comes from education. Our problem with education arose in the way Brazil was colonized. Education has never been so important.”

Referring to the candidates in this year’s election, the CEO of Ifood said he doesn’t see “anyone” talking about education. “But instead of complaining, we will help. Ifood, XP and other companies will invest R$100 million in technology education.”

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After two years without a face-to-face event, ExpertSP expects to gather 30,000 people between Wednesday (8/3) and Thursday (8/4). Caixa President Daniela Marquez and Economy Minister Paulo Guedes are expected to attend the event on Wednesday afternoon.

In addition to businessmen and members of the federal government, former British minister Theresa May and American tennis player Serena Williams are expected to speak at the event.

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