Xiaomi is testing virtual RAM expansion on MIUI 12.5

Xiaomi is testing virtual RAM expansion on MIUI 12.5

Despite being one of the most popular brands of smart phone In the world, many users complain about that Xiaomi Consume too much RAM. Apparently, the company was wary of failure, as it is preparing a virtual expansion tool for this memory.

The discovery was made by developer Kacper Skrzypek, who analyzed the company’s firmware code MIUI 12.5.0 update. According to him, the Chinese called the “RAM Expansion” feature, which allows smartphones to convert part of the storage into temporary memory.

Xiaomi’s technology is not entirely new, as there are similar solutions found in models such as the Vivo X60 and OnePlus 9 (Where it’s called Turbo Boost). In the case of the X60, the functionality provides up to 3GB of additional cell phone RAM, providing a jump from 8GB fixed to 11GB and from 12GB up to 15GB.

How it works?

Xiaomi’s expanded RAM only starts working when the device is within its capacity. In other words, the tool is a kind of “emergency” when the user uses a file Request It consumes a lot of RAM.

Technology “borrows” a portion of the physical memory and fills the void Dice That has not been used at the time and does not require immediate access.

MIUI 12.5.0 update

Among the advantages of a feature like this is the possibility of interchange between RAM and ROMThis allows your phone to keep frequently used apps in the background.

Xiaomi has not officially spoken on this topic, and therefore, it is not known when the extended RAM will be released in Market.

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