These professional fields are threatened by ChatCPT

These professional fields are threatened by ChatCPT

ChatGPT’s success and ability to write high-quality articles, publications, and other text has demonstrated advances in artificial intelligence and sparked debate about career fields threatened by technology today.

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“Artificial intelligence is replacing white-collar workers. I don’t think anyone can stop this,” Pengcheng Shi, associate dean of the Department of Computing and Information Sciences at Rochester Institute of Technology, told the New York Post. Several specialists pointed to vulnerable sectors.

However, Shi himself told the newspaper that the use of Amnesty International Progress, humans learn to handle it better. This means that new uses in professional fields are being opened up.

What professional fields are at risk?

According to Professors Pengcheng Shi and Chinmay Hegde, sectors such as journalism and education, the design And the software has to be supplemented by the use of artificial intelligence. See how he sees each area.

For Shi, ChatGPT can “teach easily now”. Experts believe that a tool Being most effective in secondary school, as classes reinforce skills already developed in elementary school.

“Although it has bugs and bugs in terms of knowledge, it can be easily improved. Basically, you only need to train ChatGPT,” Shi explains.

Shi explained, “I definitely think it will affect the business side, but even in an investment bank, people get hired after college and spend two or three years working like robots and doing Excel modeling — you can use AI to do that.” “Much faster.”

However, Xi believes that critical financial and economic decisions will always remain in human hands.

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Software Engineering

Website designers and engineers responsible for less complex code are also at risk.

“I worry about these people. Now I can only ask chat To create a website for me – I no longer need any kind of person whose day job is to do it for me, ”Hegde warns.

“Over time, maybe today or the next three or five or 10 years, these software engineers, if their job is to know how to code… I don’t think they’re going to be widely needed,” Shi warns.

the press

The Guardian has already made GPT write an opinion piece in 2020. According to Hegde, the Technique He’s already very skilled at tasks like reducing texts or making titles.

On the other hand, Chat GPT’s biggest weakness is fact checking. Controversial content is easily published in the tool – so, reporters and editors are still essential for this type of journalistic work.

“You can ask them to do a rehearsal, to produce a story with quotes, but most of the time the quotes are made up,” Hegged continued. “This is a known flaw in ChatGPT and we honestly don’t know how to fix it.”

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