Xbox: Turn 10’s Alan Hartman has been promoted to head of Xbox Game Studios

Xbox: Turn 10’s Alan Hartman has been promoted to head of Xbox Game Studios

There has just been an interesting change in an important role in Xbox management, with Alan Hartman He goes straight from his leadership position at Turn 10 to… Head of Xbox Game StudiosThis is according to what the interested party reported on LinkedIn.

This is a notable promotion for Hartman, which is part of the extensive reorganization that Xbox has already announced following its acquisition of Activision Blizzard, which has seen Sarah Bond ascend to the role of head of Xbox.

With these changes, Matt Booty becomes head of game and studio content, so in effect Hartman will fill the position previously held by Booty, becoming head of Xbox Game Studios.

Given the dimensions assumed by the Xbox first-party division, Hartmann finds himself in a very important role, although Activision Blizzard, like Bethesda and its teams, will likely continue to enjoy a certain independence, with direct relationships with Booty, Spencer and other Microsoft gaming leaders. .

Either way, this is a very nice tribute to Alan Hartmann, who joined Turn 10 in 2005 and was involved in the development of several Forza Motorsports games, before serving as Vice President of the company for the past two years, overseeing Forza Motorsports. Concessions are among his direct responsibilities.

Although Turn 10 has just published Forza Motorsport, Playground Games is continuing development on Fable, which we expect to see more of following the trailer shown during the Xbox Game Showcase last June.


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