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The pay schedule for the PIS / Pasep Salary Bonus that will start in July for those who have worked at least 30 days on the official contract in 2020 has been postponed until next year.

The issuance of the PIS / Pasep Salary Allowance for those who have worked for at least 30 days on an official contract in 2020 that was scheduled to commence in July has been suspended by the government this year.

Therefore, through an agreement at a meeting of the Consultative Council of the Workers Support Fund (Codefat), which included representatives of companies and workers, it was determined that there would be no payment of the salary bonus in 2021.

The decision to have a direct impact on the lives of workers who have already received benefit money in pandemic moments like the ones we’re experiencing could become a salutary in the coming year.

This is because, in the next year, two calendars will be set to pay the PIS / Pasep allowance to workers. The first refers to those who worked in 2020 and the second is to those who worked in 2021.

PIS / Pasep in 2022

Next year the federal government is expected to pay the calendar for the 2020 wage bonus that must be paid in 2021 as well as the calendar for those who worked in 2021 that will be paid in 2022.

With this, thousands of workers will benefit from two withdrawals next year, which at first can be viewed as a “loss” for those who hold the values, could be a positive for the next year.

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Additionally, according to government officials, the granting of payments will not change. In other words, to be eligible for the salary bonus for the 2020 calendar year, it will be necessary to have worked for at least 30 days on a formal contract in the year in question. Just like the allowance for calendar year 2021.

As government officials have stated, although the payment schedule for next year has not yet been released, the government’s goal is to be able to deliver payments related to the 2020 allowance between February and July.

Even from July it can start introducing the 2021 calendar as well. The possibility of a unified calendar still exists, regardless of how it occurs, the government has already announced that no worker will incur losses by paying the salary bonus.

Rules and values

Since the payment of the wage bonus in 2022 will refer to the calendar of 2020 and 2021, it will be necessary to calculate the time period of work in each year, according to the national minimum in effect in that period in order to calculate the amount you will receive.

Based on this year’s minimum wage, which is set at 1,100 BRL, to check how much you will receive, simply divide 1100 by 12 (twelve months) and multiply it by the number of working months this year.

When in doubt, confirm the table of months and values.

Number of months of work Bonus Amount (Salary R $ 1,100.00)
1 92,00 BRL
2 184,00 BRL
3 276.00 BRL
4 367.00 BRL
5 459.00 BRL
6 550.00 BRL
7 642,00 BRL
8 734.00 BRL
9 826.00 BRL
10 918.00 BRL
11 1.009.00 BRL
12 1.100.00 BRL

Finally, in order to obtain the salary bonus, it is necessary to observe the following rules:

  • Worked on a formal contract for at least 30 days in the base year of the calendar;
  • That they have earned, at the most, a minimum wage per month, on average;
  • Be registered with PIS / Pasep for at least five years;
  • The company you worked for must have correctly reported the data to the government.
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