Forgotten Money: New Consultation and Withdrawal Dates

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According to the bank, it was necessary to extend the first phase of the program, as financial institutions updated the information and issued more forgotten amounts to account holders.

The Central Bank (BC) Extension of the deadline for consultation and withdrawal of forgotten funds through the Debt Value System. A new calendar has been released.

According to the bank, it was necessary to extend the first phase of the program, as financial institutions updated the information and issued more forgotten amounts to account holders.

For this reason, the central bank Instructs all citizens to repeat his counseling procedure location. Please note that refunds are usually returned within 12 working days after ordering.

new calendar

The year of birth of the citizen or company release day
Until 1947 March 28
1948 to 1954 March 29
1955 to 1959 March 30
1960 to 1963 March 31
From 1964 to 1967 April 1
Summary until 1967 April 2
From 1968 to 1971 April 4
From 1972 to 1975 April 5th
1976 to 1979 April 6
1980 to 1981 April 7
1982 to 1983 April 8
Summary until 1968 until 1983 April 9
1984 to 1985 April 11
1986 to 1988 April 12
1989 to 1992 April 13
1993 to 1997 April 14
from 1988 April 15
Summary 1984 onwards April 16

Sources of forgotten values

In the first stage of the program, the values ​​\u200b\u200bthat are released come from the following situations:

  • Current or savings accounts are closed and undrawn;
  • undue collection of fees or credit obligations stipulated in the term of commitment signed with the BC;
  • equity shares and net surplus allocation to credit union members;
  • Extinct consortium groups.
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It is worth noting that a new round will be released soon. Therefore, the site will be updated for new inquiries. At that time, the following funding sources will be included:

  • Unearned charges for fees or credit obligations not provided for in the commitment period;
  • Closed and prepaid postpaid accounts with available balance;
  • closing accounts with brokers and stock dealers;
  • Other cases that result in refunds, recognized by financial institutions.

Learn how to consult and withdraw your forgotten money

Check step by step:

  1. Access the website on the new date issued by BC. Those who have forgotten the date can repeat the operation on the day appointed for summarization;
  2. When entering the site, simply log in with your account (Silver or Gold level). If a citizen does not have an account at this level yet, he/she must immediately register or increase the level of security (in the case of accounts of bronze type) on the website or application. The Central Bank advises the account holder not to create an account and adjust the level on the day the redemption is scheduled;
  3. Read and accept the disclaimer;
  4. Check the amount owed, the organization that should return the amount and the origin (type) of the amount owed. The system may provide additional information, if applicable. The first stage of the query indicated only that there were receivables, without providing details.

Finally, you must click on one of the options indicated by the system to perform the rescue:

  • Order here: for a refund via Pix within 12 working days. The user must choose one of the Pix keys, provide personal data, and save the protocol number, in case he needs to communicate with the organization.
  • “Order via an Institution”: The financial institution does not offer a return via Pix. The user should contact the phone or email provided to arrange the withdrawal method with the institution.

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