With “Wannabe”, Spice Girls returns to the top of the UK vinyl rankings

With "Wannabe", Spice Girls returns to the top of the UK vinyl rankings

It shows that they are still strong in the UK and the power of nostalgia is still being sold Spice girls British singles are back at the top of the list: vinyl.

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Re-release of single vinyl from “வன்னபே” The song is part of the 25th anniversary celebrations, first released in 1996, and in this week’s UK chart update, the song appears above as the best – selling vinyl single.

Single re-entry of vinyl from “வன்னபே” The song completes its fourth week on the chart and despite good sales, the single never made it back to the top UK charts.

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The composer wants previously unpublished Spice Girls demos to be released

Spice girls
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July 8, The Spice girls Celebrated the 25th anniversary of the single release “வன்னபே”, The group’s first song. For the celebration, the fifth decided to give the fans an unprecedented path, “Feed Your Love”, In demo form.

And as every fan knows better, Spice Girls has many more unpublished demos and songwriters. Piff Stanard, Who has worked with the girls in many of their hit films, expressed a desire to release unpublished demos, but this was the decision of a group of five.

During a live interview on Instagram, Piff said: “There are other demos, and I know this is a big question you all want to know.”

“The decision about the other demos is not mine, but there are other demos and things are going on. But I can not confirm that. I want the release of the other demos to happen. Of course I do. You have to remember that there are five women – it’s their decision, mine. Not. ”

“I’m a part of it. I can ask them and make puppy eyes, but in the end it’s theirs. They will make decisions as a group because they were in control from the beginning.”, The producer concluded.

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