With Patricia Boeta, Telethon has a message for Globo and acting by Fátima Bernardes · TV News

With Patricia Boeta, Telethon has a message for Globo and acting by Fátima Bernardes · TV News

Patricia Boeta was one of the highlights of the first night of the Telethon on Friday (10). Ileana, one of the campaign’s godmothers, even thanked Globo for releasing the presenter. The journalist went to SBT instead of Fatima Bernardes – with a broken foot, this veteran journalist recorded a video in which she shot a photo to help AACD (Assistance Association for Children with Disabilities).

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SBT artist and Thiago Abravanel were responsible for starting the charitable program. “This is her first time here at SBT, you know,” said grandson Silvio Santos.

One of Patricia’s first actions was to ask for donations from viewers, in order to reach the goal of R$ 35 million:

Inside your call, your image, there is a dream waiting to become a reality. When you donate, you spark an explosion of love and solidarity, capable of changing the lives of many. Your donation changes the world, which needs to change. So donate and help AACD.

Ileana then thanked her professional colleague. “Look, Patty, I didn’t know her personally, but I wanted to take the opportunity and thank Globo for the affection she always showed for Telethon and for releasing her,” he said.

Abravanel added: “We are very happy. In fact, our dear Fatima Bernardez caused a huge stir when her attendance was announced, but in reality she was unable to attend due to health problems. But she is present through a video clip.”

In VT, Fatima took out her cell phone and filmed the campaign. “I made sure to send this message because my heart beats for Telethon. I’m sure Patricia and all the people who will go through the Telethon stage will do everything in their power to bring people’s attention to the issue. People like me are here to do pixel work,” she concluded. “It could have any value.”

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