With funding from Flutter, Clubs in Crisis opens enrollment in the UK

Financiado pela Flutter, fundo para apoiar esporte de base abre inscrições no Reino Unido

The Clubs in Crisis Fund, funded by Flutter Entertainment, is accepting applications from popular clubs beginning Monday 12. The partnership between Cash4Clubs and Made by Sport has begun the action, which aims to support community sports clubs struggling to maintain their activities during the pandemic. .

Flutter Entertainment donated £ 4.8 million to the fund and will be managed by Made by Sport, to ensure these sports organizations have all the help they can get during this critical period.

The donation corresponds to the amount the company benefited from as a result of reduced trade fees, provided to stores between March 2020 and March 2021. In the next nine months, thousands of popular community clubs could claim a £ 2,021 grant. Interested parties can register via the Made by Sports website.

The goal of the Flutter-backed fund is to preserve the entities that provide sports activities

With the return of popular sport in the UK, the fund will aim to support entities that provide sports activities for youth and others mentally affected by the pandemic.

A survey by Newton for Made by Sport found that the pandemic has left more than a quarter of community clubs at risk of permanently ending activities. “I am delighted that Clubs in Crisis Fund is now officially open for registration,” said Peter Jackson, CEO of Flutter.

Jackson also commented, “With Cash4Clubs, we have a long history of supporting grassroots sport, and I am delighted to be able to partner with Made by Sport to deliver the value of the fee reduction benefit directly to the communities that need it most.”

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Still, according to Flutter’s CEO, “We look forward to seeing the positive impact of this funding on thousands of people across the UK.”

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