With an elegant look, Laure's daughter Improta is present at Maria Alice's party

With an elegant look, Laure's daughter Improta is present at Maria Alice's party

Lorena Improta delighted her followers by showing her daughter Liz's appearance at the birthday party of Virginia Fonseca's daughter and Zee Felipe.

Lorena Improta The attractiveness meter blew up on social media when she showed her daughter, Liz2 years old, dressed up for her birthday party Maria Alice. L.'s eldest daughter Virginia Fonseca that it like PhilipHe turned three years old on Thursday, and won a party to celebrate this special date.

And in the Instagram feed of the dancer and heiress, the result of her relationship with the singer Leo Santana, appears to show the theme they have chosen for the event. Liz appeared wearing a dress with a bow at the waist and sandals. My mother chose a short, tight dress, as well as high-heeled sandals.

When showcasing the production, Laure wanted to know what her followers thought of their outfits. “Are we cool, Meeox Teox? Ready for the Super Maria Alice party!”– I asked my mother, and received many compliments. “Beautiful”said one follower. “I can not stop”“, wrote another. “amazing”said one fan.

It is worth noting that Maria Alice's party was held in Goiânia (GO), and the theme was “Super Maria Alice”, and the birthday girl appeared dressed as Batman. When Liz arrived at the event, Virginia made sure to show off her firstborn alongside her little friend on her social media, leaving fans delighted by the reunion.

Maria Alice & Liz – Clone/Instagram

Laure Improta admires her daughter's style

Liz, the two-year-old daughter of Laure Improta and Leo Santana, showed that despite her young age, she is full of elegance and attitude. Recently, the girl surprised her mother by choosing the appropriate outfit for her appearance for the day. The dancer caught the heiress as she prepared to go out.

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Laure was then amazed to see Liz choose a custom jacket bearing her name and her favorite character, Minnie. In addition to the piece of clothing, the girl also took a red umbrella from the character to complete her look and go out in style without getting her clothes wet. “She chooses”The mother said of her determined daughter. paying off!

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