Find out how much Tadeu Schmidt will earn for submitting BBB22

With the announcement of the departure James Leverett From Globo, vacancy submitted by Brazil is the big brother became vacant. The expectation is that Thaddeus Schmidt He participated in the reality show in January 2022, with the official announcement scheduled for mid-October 2021.

Currently in WonderfulThe presenter will replace Tiago Leifert, the name responsible for managing the BBB for a period of five years. Tadeu Schmidt’s salary should be around R$1.5 million per month, not counting the fees paid when the show is on the air.

In addition to Schmidt, the chosen one for Big Brother Brasil, the station considered other people, such as presenter Marcus Munj The former BBB Anna Clara Lima. The information has not been officially confirmed, but columnist Flávio Ricco, of R7, has already taken the contract for granted.

“Some of the stones on the road may be completely changing the normal course of things, but everything leads us to certainty about the name Tado Schmidt,” he wrote.

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