With a broad bilateral agreement within the United Kingdom and Portugal into the European Union – Politics

With a broad bilateral agreement within the United Kingdom and Portugal into the European Union - Politics

Prime Minister Antonio Costa today signed a joint declaration of bilateral cooperation between Portugal and the United Kingdom, which is broad in terms of sectors across all EU member states.

Antonio Costa accepted the position after being welcomed by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at No. 10 Downing Street in London, with Foreign Minister Jonah Gomez attending a meeting that lasted about 45 minutes. .

“This joint declaration will be the basis for the resumption of the oldest alliance in the world after Brexit. The head of the Portuguese administration told reporters.

“These are the challenges we face and we can respond to them together. Having such a strong scientific community in the UK helps a lot in establishing bridges between our science institutes and universities,” he said.

In front of reporters, Antonio Costa stressed that the United Kingdom was “investing heavily in Portugal”, “benefiting British companies from the benefits of Brexit in the UK and the longevity of investing in Portugal in the EU”.

“They have mainly invested in the technology sector,” he added before referring to the joint declaration he signed with the London government as “the cap agreement that regulates bilateral relations”.

“We have identified areas that should be strategic for development. We are the seventh or eighth country in the EU to sign a bilateral agreement with the United Kingdom, but no one has signed such a comprehensive area covering areas such as security and crime. Investigation, security, foreign policy, trade and research,” he said. .

Antonio Costa stressed that the now-closed collective declaration “includes the protection of Portuguese settlers in the United Kingdom and the British people living in Portugal.”

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“You know, more and more digital nomads have found a better environment in Portugal to develop their projects,” he said.

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