Winnie the Pooh wooden house for rent in the UK; See photos International Destinations

Winnie the Pooh wooden house for rent in the UK;  See photos International Destinations
Airbnb / Henry White

Winnie the Pooh wooden house can be rented out by character fans for R $ 522 a day!

Winnie the Pooh is one of the most beloved characters in the universe of children’s literature. To celebrate the 95th anniversary of Pooh’s creation by author AA Milne, an illustrator decided to make a true copy of the Winnie the Pooh wooden house in the Ashtown Forest in East Sussex, England! He used it as the basis for original examples of work created by EH Sheppard.

Kim Raymond, who has been drawing the character for 30 years, designed the plan for Airbnb and can rent the house on September 24 and 25 for R $ 1,104 (R $ 552 per night). The cabin was rebuilt on the same site that inspired Winnie the Pooh to create a hundred-acre tree where the universe is located.

The room of the beloved character accommodates four people and has a double bed, two single suspended beds. The house was built in the middle of a tree, with Mr. Sanders’ sign and honey pots on the shelf, the flower’s favorite food.

The booking hotel also includes some special activities, such as getting to know the Ashtown jungle, throwing sticks on the pooh on the bridge, “sleeping several times” and having a mouth at 11am, as the bear is in the book. Maps. The dishes are all inspired by honey. See photos.

Reservations can only be made by people living in the UK and will open on Airbnb this Monday (20th). According to the real estate rental site, the comments posted will evaluate the tenants and the accommodation.

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