Wines from Brazil have won 51 awards in the United Kingdom –

Wines from Brazil have won 51 awards in the United Kingdom –

Specialties were awarded to wineries in Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul and São Paulo.

After winning 64 awards at international competitions held in Spain, France and Hungary, wine-producing Brazil stood out at the 40th International Wine Challenge (IWC) held in London on April 28 and 29, with 51 awards, including six. Silver medals, 13 bronze and 32 medals of honour. The recognition went to 16 wineries located in the states of Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul and São Paulo, showing that the quality of national production is spread over many Brazilian territories.

Of the total awards achieved, Brazil won 27 awards for wines and 24 awards for sparkling wines. According to Diego Mendes, IWC ambassador in Brazil, the competition brought together 10,000 models from 38 countries. “The International Wine Challenge is one of the most rigorous, impartial and influential wine competitions in the world. The taster panels have an odd number of participants and the process is carried out in two stages, which makes the evaluation even more rigorous,” explains Mendes.

According to him, the IWC completes 40 editions of which Brazil has participated uninterruptedly in the last 16 editions. “This year, Brazil scored 84% in the number of wines that recorded its best result, which clearly shows the quality gain and reaffirms itself as the best wine producer on the international scene”, it concludes.


Silver medal

Garibaldi Sparkling Prosecco – Cooperative Vinicola Garibaldi

Heloisa – Maria Maria

Casa Valduca Premium Extra Brut Sparkling Wine – Casa Valduca Vinhos Finos

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Casa Valduca 130 Sparkling Blanc de Noir – Casa Valduca Fine Wines

Casa Valduca 130 Brut Sparkling Wine – Casa Valduca Vinhos Finos

Dolce For Niente Chenin Blanc 2023 in Sacramentos – Sacramentos Vinifer

Bronze medal

Aurora Reserva Merlot 2021 – Cooperative Vinicola Aurora

Essenza Mandigir Alvarino 2023 – Essenza Space

Garibaldi Acortes Extra Brut Sparkling Wine – Cooperative Vinicola Garibaldi

Garibaldi Sparkling Moscatel Rose – Cooperative Vinicola Garibaldi

Kos Maestria Chardonnay 2022 – Kos Winery

Góes Philosophia Cabernet Franc Winter Harvest 2021 – Vinícola Góes

Helena 2022 – Maria Maria

Jolimont Merlot Reserve 2021 – Vitivinicola Jolimont

Jolimont Dunnet 2022 – Jolimont Winery

Jolimont Dunnet Reserve 2021 – Vitivinicola Jolimont

Salton Sparkling Prosecco – Salton Winery

Salton Oro Sparkling Brut – Salton Winery

Salton Oro Extra Brut Sparkling Wine – Salton Winery

Honorable mention

Amity Sparkling Cuvee Rose Brut – Amity Sparkling Wines and Wines

Amitié Pinot Noir 2020 – Amitié sparkling wines and wines

Aurora Sparkling Extra Brut DO. Pinto Bandeira – Aurora Winery Cooperative

Aurora Millesime 2019 – Aurora Winery Cooperative

Aurora Procedências Rosé Brut Sparkling Wine – Cooperativa Vinícola Aurora

Barbara Heliodora Alvarenga 202 – Barbara Heliodora Winery

Barbara Heliodora Gran Reserva 2021 – Barbara Heliodora Winery

Bueno Pinot Noir Reserva 2022 – Bueno Wines

Caetano Vicentino Gran Reserva Malbec 2022 – Caetano Vicentino Vinhas & Vinhos

Caetano Vicentino Ícone Blend 2022 – Caetano Vicentino Vinhas & Vinhos

Casa Soncini Gran Syrah 2021 – Casa Soncini Winery

Casa Soncini Sauvignon Blanc 2022 – Casa Soncini Winery

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Cazemiro Tannat 2015 – Arbugeri Winery

Essenza Mantikir Extra Brut Rosé – Espaço Essenza

Essenza Shiraz Rosé 2023 – Espazo Essenza

Garibaldi Sparkling Wine VG Nature Blanc de Blanc – Cooperative Vinicola Garibaldi

Jolimont Arinarnoa Querências do Sul 2021 – Vitivinícola Jolimont

Jolimont Cave 2022 – Jolimont Winery

Jolimont Chardonnay Reserve 2022 – Vitivinicola Jolimont

Jolimont Sparkling Moscatel 2023 – Vitivinicola Jolimont

Jolimont Sparkling Wine Trebbiano Sir Lie 2022 – Vittivinicola Jolimont

Jolimont Intendente 2015 – Vitivinicola Jolimont

Jolimont Marselan Querências do Sul 2021 – Vitivinícola Jolimont

Jolimont Moro Calcado 2022 – Vitivinicola Jolimont

Jolimont Pinot Noir 2021 – Jolimont Winery

Mayo's Sparkling White Moscatel – Vincola Basso

Monte Paschoal Extra Brut White Sparkling Wine – Vinícola Basso

Monte Paschoal Sparkling Moscatel Rosé – Vinícola Basso

Salton Brut Rose Sparkling Wine – Salton Winery

Salton Brut Sparkling Wine – Salton Winery

Salton Sparkling Prosecco Rose – Salton Winery

Salton Oro Sparkling Brut Rosé – Salton Winery

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