Windows 11 now supports Apple Music and Apple TV

Windows 11 now supports Apple Music and Apple TV

Waiting for it since 2022, users expected Apple Music to be in the Microsoft Store for two years. Launch rumors only started happening in the US and some places in Israel. Using Microsoft’s Apple Music and Apple TV is no longer directly dependent on other means.

right Now Windows 11 operating system Offers Apple apps directly through the Microsoft Store. In addition, Apple devices now also allow other devices of the brand to be introduced into the Microsoft system. know more.

Lots of news from tech giants

macOS apps were not compatible with Windows 10 and in the new Microsoft update, the system is still running in limited versions. Applications may introduce complications at any time due to current instability. These files do not appear available in the Microsoft Store, as they are still in the Preview stage, so they may have some glitches.

In contrast, Apple Music and Apple TV work normally on the system. The only apparent problem so far has been iTunes crashing in Windows when the user installs the three apps in Windows. This is a bug that – if any – could be fixed in a possible update.

Currently, users can access the provided services, but they may encounter some glitches. Remember, this is a pre-launch of the app in the Windows Store.

Virtual reality may be on the way!

Despite the limitations of iTunes update, Apple devices play a replacement role in managing iOS devices. In the future, these devices can be controlled through virtual reality, experts say.

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The Twitter profile reports that there is specific code for this build in the system. It is identified as “Reality OS” and “xrOS” as a symbol, indicating that there is a potential for the development of virtual reality formats. This is recent information and comments are growing.

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