Xiaomi develops a smart aquarium and ensures that it works on its own

Xiaomi develops a smart aquarium and ensures that it works on its own

Technology introduces more and more wonderful and amazing achievements every day. Can you imagine that you need to travel or go on vacation and not worry about your little fish? Think about it, the Xiaomi Developed Smart Aquarium Ensures it’s on even when you’re not home.

Smart Aquarium

Xiaomi’s smart aquarium monitors the water temperature and controls the flow, lights, and food. Do you know how all this happens? through the application.

Xiaomi has innovated by creating many different products that still offer some level of connectivity. They have already released a parachute, scales, and even nose hair scissors.

However, the Chinese brand has used its Mijia unit and launched a smart fish tank. The aquarium is still in the crowdfunding process, but it’s already promising a lot, such as monitoring multiple aspects of a small aquarium.

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The tub comes with a set of types. This set can be purchased at any store in your city that offers it.

The filter is already installed and offers five stages of cleaning, along with a water pump. They ensure that no blockages occur, which prevents the spread of bacteria.

As a result, users do not need to do any work other than changing the water every six months. The aquarium comes with a system that is able to feed the fish and everything is monitored by an app.

What other features does a smart aquarium have?

The tub has thin glass, and through the app, you can do any kind of adjustment or monitoring. You can evaluate a lighting scheme that mimics the natural sunlight of the environment outside the aquarium.

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In addition, the glass used in the body of the product saves 91.3% of the light that passes through. The aquarium is still in financing and it is not known when it will ship to China, but we already know that it costs 349 yuan, or about R$270 in direct conversion.

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