Windows 11 is receiving a new update that brings several speed improvements

Windows 11 is receiving a new update that brings several speed improvements

Despite the launch that did not satisfy all its users, Windows 11 received more attention in its development and improvement through its new updates. The most recent one resolves an issue that existed in the Windows Store that had been turning away some users for some time. Maybe this could be a new beginning.

Rudy Huyn, Microsoft's lead engineer, commented on the Microsoft Store build 22403 that can now be downloaded in the new Windows 11 update and how it delivers a big change. The beta version has been tested by its team for a long time and now it is finally working in a stable version for all systems.

The new update allows Microsoft Store It loads much faster than before, with users reporting that the Store app was very slow at certain times. According to Hoenn, the speed increase can reach 40%, which is a very large number in terms of improvements.

Furthermore, this improvement also extends to the store's “Buy” button, which now loads faster as well. Users no longer need to wait a certain period of time for the option to appear allowing them to purchase.

Although it may not seem very important, as it is possible to download apps from the MS Store via other official means, this update is a real help in enabling and facilitating Windows 11 users to purchase directly from the Store in a safer and even practical way than others. Of the known means.

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