Is there a time limit or can it go on for hours?

Is there a time limit or can it go on for hours?

Receiving audio on WhatsApp is a common thing, because it is a method to talk With friends on messenger without having to make a call and interrupt your day. Of course, there are always questions surrounding the practice, such as how much storage audio occupies in the internal memory of a cell phone or whether there is a time limit for recording this type of message. Keep reading to find out your doubts and put an end to them!

Extra long audios on WhatsApp

Over the years, the messenger has received several updates. Among them is the ability to send and receive audio. Recently, a novelty has also been added: the change in the playback speed of voice messages. Therefore, we increasingly notice the frequency of sounds being sent and received;

After all, who wouldn’t want to enjoy the ease of recording a message while doing other tasks?

When we receive a huge audio of ten minutes or more, we can ask ourselves: Is there a time limit for WhatsApp audio recording? The answer is no! Unlike video sharing, where the app requires a total size of 16MB, there is no time limit for sending audio.

Therefore, content can be recorded freely and for hours.

Even if there is no time limit, the fact is that media files on WhatsApp consume the internal memory of the phone. When it’s bulky, it means you’ll have less storage space on your phone.

People with older devices, with 16GB or 32GB memory, can get hurt when receiving or sending huge audio recordings. The device may stop opening WhatsApp or even download the sent audios.

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What do you do to free up more space?

The application’s audios are stored on the device and also in the backup of the conversations.

by volume Message Increase the volume, the occupied space in the device memory and in the backup copy as well. To manage the device’s internal storage and delete sent and received voice messages, the only way out is to delete conversations completely.

By managing media storage in WhatsApp, the app only allows to delete media of photos, videos, and forwarded voice messages. Audios that we send to our friends do not appear in this option and must be deleted individually.

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