Will I be entitled to the salary increment for the month of February? See the calendar, dates and the latest news

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About 22 million Brazilian workers will get the salary bonus from PIS / Pasep In 2022. Expectations are high to release payments in February.

The investment, according to the Ministry of Labor and Welfare, is 20 million Brazilian riyals. Everyone who works in the private sector and is registered in Peace, receives a salary bonus until the end of March, through Caixa Econômica Federal.

On the other hand, public servants, military and state employees registered in BASS, they start receiving later and payments end earlier, by Banco do Brasil.

The amount that the beneficiary can withdraw depends on the number of working months in 2020. The maximum is 1.212.00 Brazilian Real.

To find out if you will be entitled to the February salary bonus and how much you will receive, it is essential to have a look at the PIS/Pasep 2022 calendar. (check below).

Schedule of PIS Allowance, which Caixa pays to workers in the private sector

born in received it from get up
Janeiro February 8 December 29
February February 10 December 29
March February 15 December 29
April February 17 December 29
may be February 22 December 29
June February 24 December 29
July March 15 December 29
August March 17 December 29
September March 22 December 29
October March 24 December 29
November March 29 December 29
December March 31 December 29

The value of the PIS / Pasep 2022 salary allowance is proportional to the period during which the employee has worked with an official contract in 2020, which is the base year for this year’s payments.

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Each working month equals a benefit of R$101, with periods equal to or greater than 15 days counted as a full month.

Those who worked for 12 months under a formal contract would receive the full minimum wage of R$1,212.

Pasep allowance calendar, paid by Banco do Brasil to public employees

end of recording received it from get up
0-1 February 15 December 29
2-3 February 17 December 29
4 February 22 December 29
5 February 24 December 29
6 March 15 December 29
7 March 17 December 29
8 March 22 December 29
9 March 24 December 29

Can I get the maximum amount of PIS 2022?

The maximum benefit amount is one minimum wage (1,212.00 BRL). According to Law 13,134/15, the value of the salary bonus is proportional to the length of service in the base year being considered.

Months of work in the base year / allowance amount
1 – 92 BRL
2 – 184 BRL
3 – 275 BRL
4 – 367 BRL
5 – 459 BRL
6 – 550 BRL
7 – 642 BRL
8 – 734 BRL
9 – 825 BRL
10 – 917 BRL
11 – 1.009 Brazilian Real
12 – 1.100 Brazilian Real

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