Will Alan be eliminated from BBB 24 today? Voting on the poll reveals the risks · TV news

Will Alan be eliminated from BBB 24 today?  Voting on the poll reveals the risks · TV news

Alane Dias should not leave BBB 24 on Tuesday night (6). Despite receiving criticism for her performance on the “Sencerao” program and accusing Juninho of harassment, opinion polls indicate that she will remain on the reality show “Globo”. The result will be revealed during the live program.

In the survey the newsWhich has received more than 170 thousand votes as of the publication of this text, the dancer appears with 15.81% to leave gravity. It is Juninho who appears to be in danger, as he received 77.72% of the votes. It appears that Beatriz Reyes and Isabel Nogueira are not threatened. They have 4.38% and 2.08% respectively.

In the UOL poll, which received more than 912,000 votes, the motorcycle courier also appears to be at a disadvantage. He has 52.26% to leave home. Alan scored 37.57%, Isabelle scored 8.11%, and Beatrice scored 2.06%.

On Globo's official website, the public has two voting options: Único, one for each CPF, and Torcida, which allows the combined effort to vote as many times as they want. poll the the news It's not scientific in nature, but it depicts a trend among Big Brother Brasil viewers.

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Alan accuses Juninho

On Tuesday afternoon, Allan indicated that she was harassed by Juninho on the reality show. The dancer said that she felt embarrassed while talking to the motorcycle courier at the program's final party.

“He did praise me, but I never gave freedom,” Beatrice commented. “If a person never gives you freedom, you don't even have to try to get freedom.” “If you want to be praised, praise in other ways, but he only praises in this way, as if praise only serves [para flertar]Alan agreed.

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“I said to him: ‘Lady, my friend.’ I stuttered, I felt very embarrassed. I’m afraid people will think I wasn’t categorical enough,” the dancer continued. “But when we are harassed, it feels the same [que a gente tem]. “Because we are the victims,” Beatrice added.

During “Sencerao,” Allan had already dropped the same kind of hint about her opponent: “You said, 'I'll catch you there, too.' Your looks speak, and I know the women watching know what I'm talking about.”

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