His compatriot Santiago said of the duet with Yago who died at the age of 29: “He never gave up at any time” | Parana

His compatriot Santiago said of the duet with Yago who died at the age of 29: “He never gave up at any time” |  Parana

From the streets, bars and dances at the age of three, brothers and country singers Yago and Santhiago, who have sung together for 15 years, saw that their dream began to come true after some imitative videos of people from another country reverberated on social networks, at the beginning of 2010.

A promising career that was beginning to take off has suffered some hiatus since 2018, when Yago’s lymphoma was diagnosed. he He died on Wednesday (29) at the age of 29 in Erasto Gartner Hospital, in a Curitiba, due to pneumothorax.

“He came bravely fighting and curing, and at no point gave up. But I am very grateful for this 15 year career with my brother. Even though I am older, I have learned a lot from Yago,” says Santhiago, 35 years old.

Yago was 29 years old and died Wednesday (29) in Curitiba – Photo: Dupla Yago e Santhiago / Publishing

The awakening will occur this Thursday (30), from 8 a.m., at Church 2 in Parish Cemetery Colonia Orleans, in Curitiba. The funeral will be held at the same location on Thursday at 2:00 pm.

Yago was born in Caieiras (SP) and at the age of six was already singing on the Raul Gil program. At the age of nine, she joined the second composition of Trem da Alegria, for whom the presenter Eliana acted as the godmother.

Yago’s brother says the duo was discovered by the current businessman who sings in Largo da Ordem, in the historic center of Paraná’s capital, in 2011. Since then, they’ve traveled the country singing sertanejo to roots more than college students, as Santhiago explains.

In 2015, the brothers, who have devoted themselves to music since childhood, recorded the duo’s first album, “Puri da d’Or”.

“Our videos went viral and then my career shifted, we made several TV shows. Even when we were getting ready to record a DVD, my brother’s diagnosis came,” he says.

He says that despite that, they kept giving, but the pace had to be reduced over time. “In 2019, he had an improvement. Our hope was a bone marrow transplant. He took advantage of the epidemic for that, but it didn’t work,” Santiago laments.

The duo’s last show was at Bento Gonçalves (RS), in November of this year. “He wasn’t in great shape, but he insisted. I really wanted to make that show. Then he spent 42 days in the hospital fighting a lot,” he says.

Carlos Hiago Francisco Piemonte Silva, born in Caieiras (SP), has been battling lymphoma since 2018 – Photo: Disclosure

Santiago says the duo “were in the penalty area to score” when the disease broke out. For now, he says he will take a break to stay with his family in southern Minas Gerais. “I’ve lived from this for 30 years, and I will continue, but I don’t know the time yet,” he points out.

His fellow countryman says he was telling Iago that because he was the older brother, he should die first. “I told him not to take this ‘right’ from me. He said I had to go on and the only thing I couldn’t do was put someone in his shoes because I wouldn’t find a good one,” he recalls, without losing the mood.

Santiago identifies his brother as the one who infected people. “I should be grateful for the opportunity to have a brother like Yago. The kid was a star. Now I have a wound that will stay with me for the rest of my life, which will last and I have to learn to live with it,” she claims.

The citizen also thanked the messages received from the audience and other country singers. “I had no idea how big a name we had,” he says. “I couldn’t imagine it.”

Yago was also famous for imitating other country musicians – Photo: Disclosure

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