Wildfire leaves historic city in ruins in California – 08/05/2021 – World

A major California wildfire turned into the ruins of the main thoroughfare of historic Greenville Thursday (5), in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, about 160 miles from Sacramento, the state capital.

Fire brigades were still trying to put out the flames of the Dixie fire, which caused horrific images downtown, showing scenic Greenville Street amid piles of ash and debris as smoke billowed, much to the admiration of locals.

“We lost Grenfell tonight. There are no words to show how we, in government, are unable to do this job,” said Doug Lamalva, deputy district representative, in a video posted to Facebook, before stopping to collect himself. What people have to deal with now.”

Greenville has a population of 800 and was founded over 150 years ago when the area’s gold mines attracted settlers and traders to the town. “My beautiful and challenging adopted hometown turned into a ghost town last night,” Plumas News journalist Meg Upton wrote in an article.

Company spokesman Mitch Matlow said it was unclear how many buildings were destroyed in Greenville while firefighters were still assessing the damage. There are no injured or dead, but a man has been missing since he told his sister he was leaving town, according to Pluma News. The county sheriff ordered the evacuation on Wednesday.

The Dixie Fire has devastated the area for three weeks now, burning 130,000 hectares. About 35% of the flames were contained Thursday morning, officials said.

In the state, there are more than 12 active forest fires at the moment. The river, which began Wednesday (4) and has already cleared 970 hectares in Nevada and Placer counties, has forced thousands to evacuate. More than 50 homes or other buildings were destroyed and 30 others damaged. California firefighters said the fire was not contained.

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the state, Which usually encounters the height of the fire season shortly afterwards, a larger area will be destroyed this year than in the past, which Recorded the worst season ever. All five of the worst fires in state history have occurred in the past three seasons, burning more than 1 million hectares and destroying 3,700 buildings. Dixie is the sixth most destructive.

About 16,000 people have been evacuated from their cities as a result of multiple fires in five counties in the northern part of the state, the California Emergency Services Agency said Thursday.

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