Why doesn’t Labor want to give you a choice?

Why doesn’t Labor want to give you a choice?
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Dr. Francisco Cardoso, MD, noted: your social networks, Remarkable coincidence: In the middle of Halloween, a health sociologist announced that coronavirus “vaccines” would be mandatory for children. At this stage of the tournament, there is no point in trying to rationally convince anyone that experimental gene therapies should not have been offered even to healthy children, let alone made mandatory. Injecting such dangerous substances into six-month-old babies should be considered a crime, yes. A lot of ink was spilled at that time. One of the most memorable events is the story of journalist Guilherme Fiosa, who gave voice to families who lost loved ones after being inoculated with terrible substances, and fought for recognition. He did so through his columnist’s space, which allows newspapers and broadcasters to protect themselves, saying it was just the opinion of the columnist and did not represent the newspaper.

The protection was really necessary, because during the epidemic the West witnessed organized propaganda. Sanitary measures varied only in rigidity, but had one guideline; It has been implemented by leaders, from the mayor of El Salvador to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Lockdowns For fifteen days it was gradually extended. We are faced with a list of blasphemy that is punishable by cancellation or creative legal measures. Naturally, on that list was anything that encouraged “vaccine hesitancy.” Then we saw this list extend to electronic voting machines, and stop there. Now calm down about the supposed vaccine.

At this stage of the tournament, we can’t help but wonder why people are still falling for the Covid vaccine story, and why Lula’s government had the courage to make it mandatory. I think both answers are easy to give. First: People will not want to believe that we live in a very dangerous world, full of suitable killers (I can say that… Newspaper He gave me, in Podcast Together with Dr. Francisco, the opportunity to come to the conclusion that yes, we live in a very dangerous world, as the head doctor of the Department of Pediatrics in São Paulo – clearly not Dr. Francisco – shamelessly posited the possibility that his policies could lead young people to become infected. Heart attacks all over Brazil without a SUS ambulance nearby). Second: Major pharmaceutical companies have previously concluded some contracts under which the state bears only the costs of damages resulting from the “vaccine.”

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The Brazilian right largely knows where this comes from: from US-based stamp capitalism. However, there is a smokescreen that prevents us from seeing reality more accurately. The Brazilian right sympathizes with Trump and believes that if he were president of the United States, none of this would happen — but they forget that Trump himself has condemned the deep state (the bureaucratic and intelligence agencies that control the United States despite the government), and that his hands have been tied during the pandemic. Olavo de Carvalho’s notorious “icing on the cake” theory applies not only to Brazil, but to the USA as well. With the difference that here we have to deal with a deep foreign country; There is a national problem.

Other false connections that have come to light in the pandemic have been between Big Pharma and the bureaucracy (see US-backed Chinese job gain research), as well as between Big Tech and the FBI (with the Twitter files).

Since the Brazilian right considers any criticism of the right, the United States, and Israel as a personal insult (but not a criticism of Brazil), I will leave a survey so that the most venerable reader can think a little before cursing in the comment box:

1) Lula and Nicia Trinidad will implement the mandatory “vaccination” against the Coronavirus for the following reasons:

() The Labor Party believes in science and will never betray its revolutionary ideals.

() Labor is a group of sellers, and Big Pharma buys.

2) The state that forced its citizens to take the “vaccine” from the beginning until Selling data to Pfizer He was:

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( ) Communist China, that unscrupulous country that sells organs!

( ) Israel.

3) One of the countries that did not allow children (and any citizen) to undergo gene therapy they:

( ) Great Britain, the United States, Germany: in short, the civilized places on this planet, which respect freedom.

( ) Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba.

4) With this column, Bruna wants to:

( ) Strengthen the left!!! Gazeta, fire her now!!!!

( ) Put some logic in the heads of those who are hasty, who take things impulsively and without thinking, because the world is much more dangerous than they imagine. There is no “good side” to this story.

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